Hi! I’m Elizabeth Yassenoff, and I’m SO glad you found my little corner of the internet. Welcome!!

I hope you feel encouraged and supported here.

I hope you read my words and know you have found a place to feel understood.

I’m a former corporate attorney, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a mother, and now, a Certified International Health Coach! My life has been full of ups and downs. Isn’t everyone’s? It’s VERY safe to say that when I graduated college 10 years ago, if you had told me what my life would look like now, I would NEVER have believed you. I wouldn’t have believed that I would study for a professional career, then find it unfulfilling and make a complete 180 into an entirely different field. I definitely wouldn’t have believed that I would have had to say goodbye to my firstborn son about three hours after his birth. These are experiences we don’t plan for. Experiences that are out of our control. And I used to LOVE control. If I could control my grades and get good ones, I’d achieve future success. If I could control my diet and exercise, I’d be slim and confident. If I could control my surroundings, keeping a clean neat home, I’d love where I live. And if I could control all those things and more, surely I’d be just so happy and life would be PERFECT! Oh man, 22 year old me had a lot to learn! 

The thing about control is, the path you walk as you learn that control is an illusion, well it’s not pretty! It’s downright ugly, anxiety-provoking, cruel, sad, stressful, and a whole bunch of other adjectives that aren’t peoples’ favorites. But it’s not a path we have to walk alone! Working with my health coach, I learned how to care for myself when life takes those unexpected and challenging turns. I learned how to listen to my intuition and follow my heart, even when it’s easier said than done. I learned that joy is the antidote to stress, and I learned how to create that joy for myself! 

Now I work with clients to help them LIVE and LOVE their lives instead of trying to control them! I help clients identify areas in their lives where they are longing for a change. I help them prioritize themselves and put their energy where they want to see the most rewards. I help them learn to heal their relationships with their bodies, food, and exercise. I help them learn to trust themselves and invest in themselves. I cheer them along as they learn to listen to their hearts instead of all the outside noise of society trying to tell us who we need to be and what we need to be doing.

Does this sound like a partnership you’re ready to build? If so, book a 30 minute clarity session so you can decide if working together feels like a worthy investment for you!

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Yassenoff lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, daughter, dog Maggie and cat Cato. She is also mama to a beautiful red-headed baby boy in Heaven. Elizabeth is a Certified International Health Coach. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in January 2018, after finding more joy and balance in her life through working with a health coach herself.

The tools she learned from health coaching have helped her heal her relationship with her body and food, find more self-confidence, lead with her heart, work through grief over losing her son and postpartum anxiety after giving birth to her daughter, and live a life she loves! She would love to cheer you on as you discover your most joyful life!