Dear Friend, You Are Not What You Eat


Happy 2019! How are you feeling as we start this new year? In so many years past, I’ve felt overwhelmed and anxious about all the things I felt I needed to “fix” about myself. All the things I “should” have done last year, and the pressure to start the new year on the “right” track. I’m SO thankful to NOT feel that way this year. 

A huge part of my wellness journey has been letting go of unrealistic expectations and goals motivated from messages and values that weren’t my own. The beauty in releasing the power from those things is that I can now look to the new year feeling refreshed an energized, not because I have a clean slate to start over and “do better,” but because I get to re-visit my values and priorities and set intentions to live in line with those intuitive guideposts going forward.

Have you noticed all the noise about 2019’s big diet and exercise trends? The subtle (or not so) messages that thinner is better and now is the time to make yourself smaller so you can feel happy and loved this year? Well, if you’re hearing those messages and perhaps taking them to heart, I’d like to share a few thoughts with you.

In my experience, no effort to shrink my physical size to fit a standard of beauty or fitness set by society has ever made me happy, or more loved. What HAS improved my life is learning to listen to my body and mind and eat, move, and act in ways that help them function optimally, based on how I want to feel and what I want to accomplish. When I do that, I feel greater peace, calm, and joy and I’m more present in my life and with others so I can spread those positive feelings to those around me. So before you go setting your standards for success this year based on a number on the scale or a particularpant size, just give my message some thought.

You are NOT what you eat. You are SO MUCH more than that! What you eat this year doesn't make you better or worse than you were last year. People who eat kale aren't better than people who eat doughnuts. What you eat doesn't dictate your talents, your creativity, or your capacity to be kind to others (unless of course you're not eating enough and you get hangry like I've been known to do :)).

There is SO much money to be made telling us what we should and shouldn't eat, so this time of year especially we are inundated with those messages. But what if we spent more time thinking about how to care for ourselves and others and make this world a better place? What if we first focused on who we want to be and what we want to do, and then listened within to determine what foods will fuel our bodies and brains to help us fulfill our dreams?

When we believe that we are what we eat, we give SO much power over our lives to food. When food dictates our self worth, we spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it and stressing over it - precious time and energy that could be used for SO much other good. We also strip ourselves of our ability to intuitively know what our bodies need for nourishment because we become hyper-focused on the foods that are "off limits" and when those cravings catch up with us, they destroy the balance our body naturally seeks on its own.

I would love for you to join me in food freedom this year. I plan to continue my food freedom journey through re-dedicating myself to the principles of intuitive eating, and if this resonates I would love to coach you through them as well! Freedom with food means freedom to spend our time and energy living our values and being the people we were put on this earth to be. I hope you’ll follow along this year for messages of good health, self love, peace, and joy. I wish you a healthy and happy 2019!