My "Why"

There are SO many reasons I'm excited to be a health coach, but the absolute biggest reason is the impact that health coaching has had in my own life. Read on to understand the "why" behind my passion for coaching.

For the first 30 years of my life, at least those I can remember, my main goals focused on trying to please other people or meet some measure of success set by society, or an education system, or a career path. I worked to attain goals set ahead of me by systems and people outside of myself. I got good grades to get into the next good educational program to get the best job to get the promotion to climb the ranks to achieve "success" and prove my abilities and intellect. And for a long time that kept me going. I felt great about each A I got on a test or in a class, and I felt successful because I got into the great program or got the great job. Until suddenly, none of it made me happy anymore. Until it compromised my health. Until I experienced persistent digestive issues, carried extra weight, and bubbled over with anxiety. I tried to fix all of this the way society told me to. Dieting, restricting certain foods, exercising more and harder, yelling at my brain to stop feeling stressed because I should be able to cope with a challenging work assignment or difficult boss. Until I found my health coach. And she helped me turn it all around. She helped me heal my relationship with my body, and see that I didn't need to diet anymore. I learned to pay attention to how different foods felt in my body, and make choices from that understanding, rather than a place of restriction. I listened to my heart and took myself out of those anxiety-producing career scenarios instead of trying to push through them. It didn't happen overnight. And it didn't happen without support. I needed help knowing what questions to ask myself, what practices to employ to calm my anxiety, how to love myself and my body and how to approach food from a place of balance and health. Through making small, subtle changes, I got more and more in touch with ME. My intuition, my heart, my passion, and I learned how to listen within for the answers I needed. 

And then, just when I felt the best I ever had. The most authentic, stable, comfortable in my skin and hopeful, tragedy struck. I lost the person most precious to me - my firstborn son. He passed away suddenly, shockingly, and I was left with a gaping hole in my heart and crushing grief. There is no minimizing how much it hurt, and will always hurt. But, I coped and I am coping; I healed and I am healing. I didn't "fight through it." No, I did the opposite. I didn't fight my grief at all because I have learned to be kind to myself and to feel my emotions. I let those waves of grief crash on my soul and I felt them and embraced them and grew through them. Because through health coaching I had achieved this place of peace with myself, my body, and my life, I could hear my intuition telling me how to survive my grief - through helping others. I formed a nonprofit to connect with other grieving parents and support them, and I became a health coach. 

If you are struggling - against your body, against grief or trauma of some kind, against your current lifestyle or pressures you feel from society, I would be honored to support you as your health coach. I would be honored to know what changes you are craving in your life, and to help you ask the right questions and try the right strategies to make improvements little by little. Sometimes all we need is some support, someone cheering us on and strategizing with us, to make the shift. The shift toward hearing our own voice, following our own heart, and moving toward the life of our dreams. It's about progress, not perfection, and I'd love to meet you on your journey and walk with you, wherever you may be.