Life Lately

It has been on my heart for a couple weeks now to write a little life update. Don’t get too excited, there aren’t any big announcements or huge news…I just want to share about life lately and how I’ve been navigating it.

Life lately has been INTENSE. My two primary focuses have definitely been Ella Jane and Alive In My Heart. And both are growing and changing and doing such amazing things every day…it’s a challenge just to keep up!

Then there’s Erik’s campaign, which I wholeheartedly support because his passion, knowledge, skills, values, and integrity are what we need in our government. But the campaign stuff definitely takes me outside of my comfort zone. It is not natural for me to ask people for support, yard signs, or to attend events. It’s incredibly uncomfortable for me when I hear about rumors or things being said about my husband that are untrue and offensive to me.  Handling the uglier aspects of campaign life with grace is harder than I ever imagined.


And then there is business. I have been so grateful for the outpouring of support I’ve received since launching in July, and I am incredibly grateful for the clients who have trusted me to support them in their quest for greater holistic health! My Find Your Summer JOY group program has been SO fun and rewarding, and I’m really excited to lead additional groups in the future. But a whole lot of this business stuff is out of my comfort zone too. I’m definitely not in a routine of creating content the way I’d like to be, and that can feel overwhelming. Because there are others depending on me in all these other areas of my life, I find myself devoting most time to them (and my current coaching clients) and the content creation and other self-driven business development is falling by the wayside. 

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Thankfully, over the years I have developed skills to help me through these intense and uncomfortable times. I thought I would share the top ways I’ve been giving myself grace and navigating this season with self love.

  1. Ignoring the “shoulds.” My therapist once suggested that everytime I hear myself say “should” I should do the opposite. Now she didn’t mean that 100% literally of course, but the idea was, if the way I’m thinking about an activity or task is “I should do x” it is probably not something that is going to bring me joy or peace or contentment. So when I’ve heard myself lately thinking “I should stay up later to get stuff done” or “I should clean up the kitchen instead of going for a walk” I’ve been questioning those declarations. I ask whether this is coming from a place of self love or self criticism. If it’s the latter, I put it out of my mind.
  2. Focusing on the process rather than the outcome. One thing that has really helped me to move forward with business and to be helpful on Erik’s campaign is to just DO THE THINGS I NEED TO DO and set aside fears about the outcome. In the past I would spend an inordinate amount of time trying to decide what the outcome would be and whether it would be worth it if I took a certain step. The result? I’d never take the step because most likely I couldn’t be certain where it would take me. That is definitely the case in my business, and also when I knock on a stranger’s door to ask them to vote for my husband. But these are things I wantto be doing. I wantto help clients enrich their lives with greater health and joy, and I want to support my husband. So I’ve learned to shorten my gaze to what is right in front of me and just TAKE THAT STEP.
  3. Prioritize rest. With ALL THE THINGS going on in my life right now, I need a LOT of rest. I can’t show up the way I want to for any of it if I’m drained and depleted. And I’m more likely to be drained and depleted when I’m this busy and pulled in this many directions. So I make sure I am taking moments to rest my body and my mind throughout every single day. For me, this looks like taking a walk most mornings, pausing for a few deep breaths throughout each day, taking a yoga class as often as I can, watching some mindless tv occasionally, having a glass of wine sometimes, getting to bed by 10pm most nights, reading for at least 5 minutes before bed every night. For the most part these are small things that don’t take a ton of time or effort. That’s the only type of self care I have time for right now, but you know what, it’s working! Because at a time when I could very easily be exhausted and feel like a zombie trudging through all of these commitments I’ve made to others and to myself, I am actually more energized than ever.

Where are you feeling the intensity in your life right now? Where are you feeling uncomfortable? Would any of these strategies help you cope with this season? Is there something else you want to be doing to take better care of yourself, and how can you fit it in? I would be honored if you’d comment and share with me!!