Coffee Shop Talk

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things to do is spend several hours in a cozy coffee shop, sipping a delish drink and getting work done. This has been the case since high school….middle school? In any event, an age when it was less appropriate than it is now to consume copious amounts of caffiene. I’ve always liked the vibe of a coffee shop better for accomplishing work than somewhere quiet like a library or a solitary space in my home. I like the music, the dull “white noise” that becomes of the chatter all around me, the smell of the coffee...I could go on. But lately, I’ve been noticing another added bonus of coffee shop work - connection!

If you know me, you probably also know that I have zero discomfort around chatting up random strangers (hello, extrovert!). So I relished a couple opportunities recently when a couple folks asked me what I was working on. “Business stuff, I’m a health coach!” I answered cheerily. What was really interesting to me was the commonality in their responses. “Oh, what company do you represent?” asked one. “Oh, so like nutrition and diets and stuff?” asked the other.

I love getting these questions because it lets me share how unique and client-driven my work is! My response? Something along the lines of, actually, I have my own health coaching business. I did a training program through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, which teaches that nutrition, or the food on our plates, is “secondary food” and our primary food is our relationships, career, spirituality, and physical movement. So I work with clients to assess these areas of their lives, set goals, and achieve do-able action steps. It’s very client driven, and I love helping people discover what will make their lives happier and healthier!

Did YOU know that’s what I do? Having immersed myself in the health coaching field as a client, student, and now business owner since 2015, I sometimes forget how little knowledge there is out there about this growing area of health and wellness. So I thought I’d share that little elevator coffee shop speech with you all. You can read more about what I do here. AND, I would LOVE it if you reach out here with any question. Seriously, ask me ANYTHING!