On Mother's Day


Oh Mother’s Day. Here you come in just a few days. I remember when to me you were just a day to spend time with my favorite women, give them gifts, have a nice brunch, and spend entirely too much $ on a piece of paper in the form of a card. 

Now I know motherhood, and I know that in addition to joy and celebration it can involve grief, fear, anxiety, sorrow, and frustration. I wrote about how I see my motherhood last year in this article. While motherhood is certainly a brave and love-filled journey worthy of celebration, it’s not always easy to celebrate Mother’s Day when motherhood can be so complicated.

It’s hard when motherhood doesn’t look the way you imagined it or society makes you think it should be. When it’s not all flowers and chocolates and hallmark cards. Whether it’s because you’ve struggled along your path to motherhood, you’re a grieving mother, you struggled with a traumatic birth experience, are battling postpartum depression or anxiety, or any of the other ways in which motherhood can take unexpected twists and turns, I see you, and it’s ok that this day might be hard

So to the mothers whose motherhood doesn’t look exactly like they thought it would, to the grieving mothers, to those who long to be mothers but are still waiting, and to those missing their mothers who have passed on, I celebrate you this weekend, and the love and bravery it takes to walk the path you’re walking.