A Little Birthday Wisdom at 33


Hi!! I’m back from being a little MIA last week...but it was for a very FUN reason. Well, 2 actually. First, we were celebrating my 33rd birthday! And second, we were embroiled in the “will we or won’t we” debate about adopting a puppy for a significant part of the week! Spoiler alert, we decided we WILL!

As we celebrated this birthday and made this big life decision within about 48 hours, I couldn’t help but notice how (beautifully) different my life feels right now than at any time in the past. I wanted to share a couple of those ways with you, in case it resonates or sparks any inspiration for you!

There is NOTHING better than spending time with the people we love most.


That was definitely the theme of my birthday celebrations. I cancelled my usual Wednesday morning sitter so I could do something fun with Ella Jane, my mom and grandma. I crammed in so many meals and play dates and even a concert (heyyyyy Justin Timberlake!!) with people who are so special to me. This is not to say that in years past I haven’t prioritized loved ones on my birthday, I almost certainly have. But I can also remember years where, because of my diet mentality or self-criticism, I haven’t been able to be fully present and focused on that love. I’ve had years in which what I would “get” to eat...a decadent meal and dessert I wasn’t otherwise “allowed” to have... took up entirely too much of my focus. While I was asked to pick venues for my celebrations this year, and I definitely picked delicious ones, what I cared more about was picking spaces where I could truly have quality time with friends and family. And taking the pressure off the food allowed that to be secondary, and the conversations, the laughter, the hugs, etc. to be primary. What a beautiful thing!


It is at once terrifying and exhilarating to put trust in your intuition.

At many times in my life I have experienced decision paralysis. I’ve gotten caught up in questions like “what should I do” and “what will x, y, and z people think” and “what is expected of me” and “what will this position me for in the future”? And then there was last Sunday, when we heard about a puppy named Denison at a small local breeder, and I realized how far I’ve come in making decisions intuitively, yet responsibly, from a place of self love. I have SO much more to write about this that it will probably end up in a second blog post, but my #1 message here is this: If you’re trying to live from a more intuitive place that is aligned with your core values, honors your needs and desires, and decides (relatively) easily without getting stuck in external dialogue, then keep flexing that muscle! We have been de-conditioned to this type of living by alllllll the messages we get in the media, on social media, through our education and interactions, all wanting to tell us what is right and what we should do and what works. It’s SO tempting to listen to those voices. It’s comforting to have a roadmap that someone else guarantees will work for you. It’s SCARY to listen to your gut and tune out the rest. But it’s also so, so freeing and rewarding. The only way to get more comfortable with it is to keep flexing and building strength.

If you believe that there’s a certain diet plan or life roadmap or career path or family dynamic that, if followed to a T, would make everyone happy, healthy, and fulfilled, then I wish you alllllll the best in following that lead. However, life experience, my faith, and my health coach training have all contributed to my belief that we are all unique individuals, created to fulfill a vision that only God (or your higher power, the universe, or whatever it is you believe) and we, as individuals, can truly know. Think about it, if you subscribe to a certain diet plan or career trajectory today, if you hit a bump in the road in 10 years and become unsure of what to do, who is going to be there for you? To me, it seems unlikely that the answer is the person/resource who encouraged or pushed or introduced that path to you. And it seems certain that the answer is yourself and your God. So why not start there? Listening, and deciding, and living in the present, allowing yourself to be guided by those who will always be here for you in this life?

I know, it feels abstract, uncertain, unclear, and terrifying. But if you’re ready to think about what taking that leap would look like for you, give me a shout. I love to talk and dream with clients. No, I DO NOT have all the answers, or a foolproof plan or a guarantee, but I DO have the skills, compassion, and empathy to help you discover your answers and your joy.

It’s been a wild road getting here, but after experiencing the most love-filled, joyous birthday in memory and feeling confident taking a huge leap for our family that feels so right, all in the last week…..I’m more passionate than ever to be doing this work at this time.

Sending you love and encouragement!!