I love a good lighthouse

You may not know this about me, but I love a good metaphor. I also love a good lighthouse. I bet you can see where this is going...

It helps that lighthouses are often on a beautiful coastline and stand out from the landscape. I've loved spending some time at my favorite lighthouse in Michigan this summer for its beauty. But more than that, there’s just something about lighthouses! Rendered mostly obsolete by modern technology, there they stand, operational or not, symbolic in many ways. Symbolic of our past. Of a simpler time, when we weren’t so relentlessly connected. Of light, guidance, and security.



Did you know we all have an internal lighthouse? Maybe you think of it as your gut instinct, your intuition, your soul, or God in you. It’s that sense of knowing. That voice that whispers to you the right way to go, even when all the noise of our modern, ever-connected, over-programmed, outward-focused lives is yelling 10,000 different alternatives. We might not think it’s needed - google can answer any question, right? But let’s challenge that thought.

Being near a lighthouse, it reminds me that there is simplicity present in our overly complicated lives. All we have to do is be on the lookout.

Today there are thousands of satellites in the sky, and an invisible web of waves of all frequencies that connects our many devices. The world is literally at our fingertips. There is SO MUCH inertia in this world of modern technology. On the bright side, it connects us and educates us in an unprecedented way. On the other hand, it tugs unceasingly at our consciousness, pulling us out of ourselves and demanding instantaneous responses to a multitude of external demands.

But we have a choice. We CAN make time to tune OUT the modern noise and tune IN to our inner lighthouses. Here’s how I make time to hear the guidance of my own:

  • A regular yoga practice that lets me connect my mind and body, and quiet the outside noise
  • Prayer that expresses gratitude and asks for guidance
  • Meditation (I love using the Breathe app to incorporate a short meditation in the middle of a busy day)
  • Paying attention to my breath and how my body feels when I realize I’m in my head and starting to feel overwhelmed
  • Choosing food to eat based on how I want to feel rather than what someone/some diet has told me is “good” or “bad”
  • Choosing exercise that feels awesome and fun instead of doing what I have heard burns the most calories or builds the most muscle
  • Going with my gut when it comes to what Ella Jane needs - in fact motherhood has really helped me tune IN more often

I would like to offer this to you: Even if those imposing structures on our coastline are obsolete in our modern world, the one inside of you is NOT. There are major benefits to be reaped by increasing your reliance on it and decreasing your focus on the many voices we are confronted with in our modern world. How do YOU tune into your inner guide? Is this an area you could use some help with? Please share with me!

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