Be an Entrepreneur of YOUR Life

Last week I had the privilege of attending an Entrepreneurship Summit at my alma mater, Denison University. To be honest, I felt a little out of place going in. A lot of the attendees were much farther along in their entrepreneurship journeys, or owned or funded multi-million dollar companies, or consulted with ultra-successful business owners or all of the above. When I signed up, it felt like an event I NEEDED to attend, but as it drew closer I worried: would I be out of place?

I don’t make any secret that the coaching part of my business is where my real passion lies, and the business-owning side is the scary part. Marketing, managing, growing, and earning doesn’t feel natural to me. But being in community with these fellow entrepreneurs, sharing ideas on what entrepreneurship means, and how to be the best entrepreneur you can was hugely inspiring and helped me to reflect on many aspects of entrepreneurship that I DO in fact employ regularly.

Entrepreneurs are innovators, change-makers, disruptors, and problem solvers. At their best, entrepreneurs are authentic, operate from deeply-held core values, and are open to exchange of ideas with and learning about others.


I came to health coaching from this very perspective: I needed change in my life, I needed to disrupt the path I was on to find one more aligned with my values. I had learned from others that there was another way to live life than blindly following the path I had been on (sometimes I call this the conveyer belt) and I was ready to innovate in my approach to life and share my perspective and experience authentically in hopes of inspiring others.

It wasn’t long into this past week’s summit that I realized I AM an entrepreneur. And we ALL can be.

That’s right, YOU can be an entrepreneur. Even if not in the sense of business, although if that’s what you want, you can probably do that too! What I’m talking about is being the entrepreneur of your own life.

Of course returning to my college campus also sparks reflection on who I was when I attended there, and what I’ve learned since. One of the biggest pieces of learning I’ve experienced post-college is that life is lived most richly and enjoyably when we are clear on our values, live authentically in alignment with them, and share in learning and experience with others in a way that preserves space for our similarities and differences.

Living that way may or may not come naturally to you. It didn’t to me at first. When we’ve been seeking success by societal standards, following a path laid out for us by a set of external expectations, or worrying often about other’s feelings and opinions about us. This type of living I’m describing can sound VERY foreign.

But all it takes is a little innovation.

It takes a commitment to change, a willingness to disrupt the unkind messages you may receive from within or without yourself, the effort to re-frame concerns and challenges in your life, and the innovation to start doing it differently.

We can ALL be entrepreneurs when it comes to managing our lives. Where are you ready for change, innovation, disruption, and problem solving? I’m here for you!