Vacation Mindset | How to Shed the Rules & Create More Fun Around Food


I’m continuing my “vacation mindset” series this week with the aspect that has perhaps been most helpful for me - utilizing a vacation mindset around food! While I was working with my health coach a few years ago, I took a family vacation to Bath, England, where we stayed in a b&b and were served a “Full English” breakfast every morning. I remember returning from that trip and telling my health coach, “I didn’t think my body could tolerate bread, but I ate toast every morning and felt great!” One of her best tips to help support me in intuitive eating by shedding the rules I had about food was to channel that vacation mindset about what I would eat, and experiment with options at home that would feel like fun “vacation” food - like toast!

Since then, I often have a slice of high-quality multigrain toast with butter (kerrygold is my fav!) and jam along with my green smoothie in the mornings. And you know what, it tastes and feels great! One common fear that I hear about having a vacation mindset around food is “well then I’ll eat unhealthy foods all the time like I do when on vacation.” Well, that might happen initially, but when we learn to listen to our bodies, eventually we will stop regularly eating the foods that make us feel poor.

This shift has especially helped me to cook more at home. In my old mindset, cooking at home = eating healthy/boring and dining out = delicious/FUN. By creating space to enjoy fun “vacation” foods at home, I opened my mindset to more home cooking. Another way to do this is by re-creating upgraded versions of childhood favorite foods at home. As I watch my daughter develop her tastes and preferences, I’m reminded that we are our most intuitive as kids, before we start hearing messages from all around us about foods being “good or bad” or “breakfast foods vs. lunch vs. dinner foods” or “too much or too little”. For example, I never would’ve thought to put blue cheese in eggs, until Ella Jane became obsessed with both. Cheddar? Swiss? Gouda? Sure, but blue cheese doesn’t go with eggs! Except it does for Ella Jane :). Re-visiting old favorites from when I was a kid has helped me to create more FUN around home cooking!

What foods did you love as a kid or do you have fun with on vacation? I hope you will experiment with adapting some of these at home, and please please please share!!