Is #bodypositive Healthy?

Being body positive and believing in health at every size isn't a mindset that justifies being "unhealthy" or eating dessert all day every day or ignoring health markers. Instead, it's about aligning your WHY for how you eat, sleep, drink, move, and otherwise care for yourself with what you believe to be true at your core. And for me, that has nothing to do with the number on the scale, and everything to do with how much energy and vitality I have to pursue my God-given passions.

I Gained 20lbs...And Here's What I'm Doing About It

Ok guys, get ready for a long, vulnerable, honest post about weight gain. It’s not easy to put this out there, but I know there are people out there who can benefit from a message of self love and compassion around our bodies, so here I am, sharing it today. The fact that I can write this and put it on the internet and send it to people’s inboxes for all to read is huge for me. After years of feeling that the number on the scale measured my worth, my commitment, my discipline, my success, my value, etc., I’m SO thankful that working with my health coach helped me to reach a place where I can make this statement without shame, self-loathing, or panic.

Mindful Movement | How to Let go of Rules & Enjoy Movement

Do you believe that relaxing your exercise rules could actually get you the results you’ve been struggling to get in your current routine, AND feel more fun, energizing and nourishing to your body? Or does that still sound terrifying to you? 

Four Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

Last Fall, I had so much fun hosting a “Healthy Tailgate” themed cooking demo for my local sorority alumni chapter! I LOVE preparing food for people I love, and showing how eating healthy can be FUN, so this was the perfect theme for a Fall event. It was so fun to share how I prepared the food, and then to enjoy it with some lovely sisters as well. With this big football game I keep hearing about this weekend (sorry, not a big NFL girl) and the onslaught of the polar vortex we are currently experiencing here in lovely O-H-I-O, I thought it would be the perfect time to share these recipes. They’re not just tailgate-friendly, but totally hit the spot when you’re looking for some healthier cozy comfort food!

Coffee Shop Talk

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite things to do is spend several hours in a cozy coffee shop, sipping a delish drink and getting work done. This has been the case since high school….middle school? In any event, an age when it was less appropriate than it is now to consume copious amounts of caffiene.

Dear Friend, You Are Not What You Eat

A huge part of my wellness journey has been letting go of unrealistic expectations and goals motivated from messages and values that weren’t my own. The beauty in releasing the power from those things is that I can now look to the new year feeling refreshed an energized, not because I have a clean slate to start over and “do better,” but because I get to re-visit my values and priorities and set intentions to live in line with those intuitive guideposts going forward.